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Electrik Red 'Performing Live' at Club Miami in Atlanta - April 2nd

3011 Buford Hwy

Booking Electrik Red!!!!
To come to your city and make it Electrik!!!
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Electrik Red Exclusive Interview with BinsideTV


Meet the ladies of Electrik Red who are bringing sexy back. Binside TV host Shomari Harris chats with the R&B girl group comprising of Kyndra "Binkie" Reevey, Lesley Lewis, Naomi Allen and Sarah Rosete. The members began their individual careers as back-up dancers in New York City and Toronto. The group formed in 2005 and signed with Def Jam Recordings in 2008. Their music is mainly written and produced by songwriter The-Dream and his production partner Tricky Stewart. The girls give live performances of their hits Drink In My Cup, So Good, P is for Power, Friend Lover off the album "How to Be A Lady" talk about music, their new swagger and making their lives a reality show. The debut album How to be a Lady vol. 1' is now available.
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Electrik Red Host 'Runway' Weekly Fridays at Element, August 14th in Hollywood

Electrik Red Host
"RUNWAY" Weekly Fridays

..and Leo Birthday Bash
for: Starr, D.Mitch & Miss Amani
at Element (club) - Friday Night!!

1642 N. Las Palmas Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028

* Invitation Only
Guest List Close at 11pm

Contact Element for table reservations or get additional information regarding special requests at:


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Meet/Greet and a Live Performance by Electrik Red (Aug.8th) at Fox Hills Mall (Culver City, CA)

MEET & Greet and Live Performance by Electrik Red
Courtesy of Baby Phat and Giant Magazine

Sheikh Shoes (Westfield)
199 Fox Hills Mall
Culver City, CA 90230
Time: 4:00 - 6pm

Get an exclusive look at the new Baby Phat footwear line and their predictions for music’s “next big thing”! Fresh talent like ELECTRIK RED, KRISTINIA DEBARGE, PRISCILLA RENEADONDRIA made the cut. GIANT recently had a photo shoot featuring the stars in their Baby Phat looks. Check out some of the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage!

WATCH VIDEO: Baby Phat Behind the Scenes Photoshoot

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Buzzine: Paint the Town with Electrik Red

Reviving Female Musicians

With the recent rise of uncouth pirates and political tea parties, it’s hard to tell if we are living in the 21st century or the 18th. Luckily, gender roles have yet to revert back to the restrictive etiquette of previous times, as women are keeping the entertainment industry wrapped around their manicured fingers with sexy professionalism and determined attitudes.

Back in December 2008, the New York Women in Film and Television held their 28th Annual Muse Awards, where they honored elite members including actresses Laura Linney and Cynthia Nixon, Nickelodeon/MTV Networks Kids and Family Group president Cyma Zarghami, and advertising queen Linda Kaplan Thaler. A classy affair held at the historic Waldorf Astoria, the point was made that accomplished industry women today are getting attention not because of notorious behavior but because of undeniable talent.

Well, for the most part anyway.

Now, fast forward to Spring 2009 and get acquainted with Electrik Red. Just when you thought women were done pioneering major cultural movements, here comes a group that is strong, vibrant and on a mission that was once considered impossible. The fierce foursome includes Naomi, Sarah, Lesley and Binkie. After getting their feet wet in the entertainment industry through various gigs like backup dancing, they then decided to combine their talents and break free with a unique identity and solid approach. According to Leslie, the group aspires to promote confidence and empower the female audience listening to their music.

In the spirit of Madonna, Janet Jackson, Vanity 6, The Spice Girls and TLC, these ladies are ready to celebrate their sexuality and gender by bringing their “edgy brand of hip hop and R&B” front and center. However, don’t be misled because, according to Binkie, there is a thin line between a sexy presentation and a raunchy one. Make no mistake about it — these ladies are all about a classy delivery.

“It’s about taking ownership of being a female,” Binkie said while Sarah stressed that it is important to stay “true to who you are.” In the past couple of decades alone, this “ownership” of their music has been a growing phenomenon among female artists. From an angry Alanis Morissette to post-trauma confident Britney Spears, a rocking Melissa Etheridge to a self-identified diva Beyonce, the bold voice of women in the music industry continues to grow, perhaps making up for time lost during the prim Victorian era.

Yet, those previously named are all single recording artists. When it comes to female groups, Electrik Red strongly feels that there is currently a void in the music industry that they are more than ready to fill. It’s no secret that artists in general see the world differently and often also see alternate methods of making a difference. By setting what Leslie describes as a “blueprint” for modern women with their style and message, the group is now ready to break out on the music scene.

At the moment, Los Angeles serves as their home base for their mission. However, since these ladies have set their sights on “world domination,” brace yourself to be electrified by music’s latest energized ensemble as they paint the town Electrik Red.

Posted: 2009
Written by Candi Sterling



Electrik Red Exclusive Interview

Get sassy with this fiery quartet.

Electrik Red took a moment to give "cyber-hugs" to The-Dream and Tricky in while talking about what it was like to be the stars of their video instead of the backup dancers, how they came up with the concept for their single "Drink in My Cup" and why world domination is next after they conquer the music scene.

Walking into the conference room at the New York City offices of Def Jam to meet quartet Electrik Red was like stepping in to a sauna. The heat was thick in the air. On the massive marble table (that takes up the majority of the space), there were red velvet cupcakes and Hershey's Kisses strewn carelessly about. It was pretty obvious that something had just gone down. And as it turned out, we'd just missed out on the fun: the ladies had just thrown an impromptu dance party, mounting the expensive-looking table and clicking their heels across the marble countertop as the label staff cheered them on. It could quite possibly have been the most action that table has seen in a while - and something that only the ladies of Electrik Red could pull off in an office environment.

That's because these four gorgeous performers - Naomi, Binkie, Lesley and Sarah - are giving hip-hop and R&B a much needed shot of attitude, sass and spunk in the arm. Their smoky new single "Drink in My Cup" featuring The-Dream (and written by him and Tricky Stewart), mixes suggestive lyrics with taunting boasts about sipping on some bub in the club. The jam is just one of the sizzling tracks on their upcoming as-yet-untitled debut, produced entirely by the RedZone team (The-Dream, Tricky Stewart, Radio Killer and Carlos) and set to be released early next year. And the quartet is so confident that it's unlike anything you've heard before that they've created a word for their unique genre - Urban World - describing it as a "whole new melting pot of love and juices." It's a bold declaration, but it's precisely the type of confidence and 'tude that separates the women from the girls - and in this case, Electrik Red from the rest.

And though they're only getting the ball rolling on their singing career now, Electrik Red has stayed busy pursuing careers in other areas of the industry before signing to Def Jam. Before teaming up as a foursome, each of them had successful careers as backup dancers, separately performing in music videos for artists like Usher, Ciara and Chris Brown. But it was only when three of the ladies were on tour with Usher that they decided to jumpstart their singing career, recording a demo that eventually led them recording more tracks with hit maker Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins and independently shooting their debut video for "Electrik City." Their big shot at fame came when they inked their deal with Def Jam in February 2007, and ever since they hooked up with the RedZone family, they've been staying busy in the studio laying down tracks for their debut album.

But no one ever said they couldn't have fun in the meantime. After giving their impromptu performance in the Def Jam conference room, Electrik Red took a bathroom break to touch-up and get their minds right to talk with Kiwibox VJ Kylie. The ladies were kind enough to clear off the chocolate and baked goods from the table before pulling up a chair and getting down to business, bringing that same sense of spontaneity that they'd shown earlier to the conversation. Taking turns answering questions, Electrik Red took a moment to give "cyber-hugs" to The-Dream and Tricky in while talking about what it was like to be the stars of their video instead of the backup dancers, how they came up with the concept for their single "Drink in My Cup" and why world domination is next after they conquer the music scene.

Posted: Tue Dec 2nd, 2008
Written by: Steven H., Senior Editor



Electrik Red Official Island DefJam Profile



The-Dream’s New Girl Group is Naughty and Nice

Electrik Red
How To Be A Lady, Volume 1 (Radio Killa/Def Jam)

“Girl Power” is nothing new. The concept has been alive in music for more than a decade, shifting residency from the Spice Girls to Destiny’s Child to Danity Kane and all the before and in-betweens. But so many female groups are fenced in by lyrical limits, restricted from ever springing higher than their femcee counterparts. Don’t count on the latest gang of gorgeous singers, Electrik Red—comprised of Naomi Allen, Lesley Lewis, Kyndra “Binkie” Reevey, and Sarah Rosete—to greet that ideology with anything less than a manicured middle finger. On their debut album, How To Be A Lady, Volume 1, the fearless quartet are full of lippy, high-charged tunes—polite, they are not.

It’s virtually impossible to listen to Electrik Red without being tempted to judge it as a vicarious third go-round from R&B’s Einstein, The-Dream. After all, he and partner Tricky Stewart wrote and produced Lady in its entirety. The finished product flows with easy hooks, layered composition, and eccentric idioms particular to the pair—what separates it from previous work is its raciness. The group expresses their sentiments as explicitly as possible, whether sexing and then emasculating a male in one shot (“W.F.Y.”) or proclaiming their “shawty is the shit” with confidence (“Muah”). But their feminist stance blurs when the verses get hooker-ish, as on “P Is For Power” where Binkie flirtatiously raps: “The Y is for yes / Vanilla / If you wanna try / boy you better buy“ during a curious chant about their lady parts.

Still, it’s hard to argue against those contradictions when set to the celestial melodies of The-Dream and Tricky. Electrik Red may be confused as to which wave of girl power they’d like to ride. What’s not in question: Their debut sounds damn good.

Posted: May 26, 2009 @ 6:44 pm
By Tracy Garraud



Electrik Red Is Not Your Average Girl Group

A funky four-girl caravan rolls into the deserted Brooklyn, N.Y., eatery in a dizzying blitz of lashes, lipstick, and laughter.

Pictured from left, Kyndra “Binkie” Reevey, Naomi Allen, Lesley Lewis, and Sarah Rosete—collectively Electrik Red—light up the spot like a flickering fluorescent sign and warm up a frigid November day with characteristic bluster. “I believe we’re gonna sell a million fucking records in the first week just like those other chicks did,” proclaims Binkie, the crimson-pouted, couture-worshipping party girl.

Sassy British-Canadian/Jamaican beauty Naomi chimes in, “We’d love to be colossal like the Spice Girls and the Pussyclot (sic) Dolls.”

Rounded out by Brooklyn rude gal Lesley and sultry Sarah, they’re a gorgeous twentysomething quartet, sporting porn-star hot bodies and close-up friendly kissers. But there’s nothing prefab about their union. All four girls performed as dancers and models alongside artists like Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, and Ciara—they appeared in her 2007 “Like a Boy” video together—before forming Electrik Red.

Their partnership began five years ago when two sets of childhood friends—Lesley and Binkie are native New Yorkers; Sarah and Naomi are from Toronto—danced on Usher’s 2004 Confessions tour. The four video vixens worked their collective industry connects until Def Jam Recording’s late Executive Vice President Shakir Stewart set up an impromptu audition with label chairman Antonio “L.A.” Reid.

One year later, their dazzling, self-titled Tricky Stewart– and The-Dream–helmed debut is heaving with libido-driven hits, especially the throbbing lead single “Drink In My Cup.” “Being sexy is not a problem,” says Naomi, reaching for her gloss-kissed wine glass. “Everybody’s trying to get their wind machine and the glitz and the glam. We’re not those girls.”

They’ve got looks, legs, and lyrics. But, according to Harlem-bred Binkie, what sets them apart from other chick cliques are their “coochie coupons.” She’s just kidding, but there’s something to her answer. It’s not the suggestion that they’ll give up the goodies for a track—it’s their free-spirited, unapologetic sexuality. “It’s about being real,” Sarah says.

“Everybody’s a goddamn freak. We just have a different perception of what being a lady is.” But are all the ladies on message?

“Together, we’re a really ridiculous force of feminine juice that’s ready to be squeezed all over the industry. And you’re not gonna be able to stop it,” assures Binkie, “whether you spit or swallow.”

Posted: January 28, 2009 @ 4:23 pm
By Shanel Odum



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